Tips For Prune Desert Rose

Desert Rose, one of the attractive, gorgeous, rose-like when it blooms and in shade. It has a color that range into a brilliant white to explosive red that depends on the variety. Desert rose, also known to its scientific name “Adenium Obesum”, this beautiful & catchy plant may only needs low maintenance, it can be elongated in time and when this occurs, it’s blooming effect will continuously diminish in a large span of time. Well, this problem can be address by having a process called “Pruning” to create a bushy, firm and fuller-looking plant. In order for a desert rose to creates more stems is by “cutting back”, by creating more stems it will also result to bloom more flowers.


In general, before blooming of the desert rose, it’s a great idea to do a pruning well first, as desert rose will blooms on new growth. It is recommended to remove older growth or some dry parts or area of a plant so that by doing this, you will also risk removing buds and blooms.
As adenium grower, you should be careful of doing unnecessary cutting back to your desert rose most especially in late autumns. It’s always a good idea to trim this late in the season as it will produce new, gentle growth that may be nipped by cold when temperature drop.


Before pruning your desert rose, it’s a good idea to sterilize first your tools or your cutting blades, in sterilizing your tools you can use of rubbing alcohol or you can just simply wipe them with 10 percent bleach solution. If you’re cutting out damage growth, it’s good to sterilize the blades between each cut.
As new growth appears in late winter or early spring it is best to remove Cold-damage growth as soon as possible.
(Tip: This is also a great opportunity to bring back your desert rose to it’s original place or condition)


With the use of a pair cutting sharp edged and clean Pruners, you can use it in cutting back desert rose, make sure to cut back long, lanky shoots to about the same length or size as other stems. By Pruning, you can prune any branches. Making sure that when you make a cuts it must be over a leaf node, or will be more pleasant and not messy to look.
When pruning a desert rose, it’s a good thing to make cuts at a 45-degree angle to create a more natural and pleasing to the eyes.
Checking your plant vividly throughout the season is highly recommended most especially during periods of warmth & high humidity because white fuzz or other signs of powdery mildew and other moisture-related diseases are very evident. If that occurs, you may remove leaves, and stems that are affected by the said diseases.

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