About us

Rooted Retreat by May’s Garden Seed

Thank you for making your purchase from Rooted Retreat by May’s Garden Seed. We highly appreciate it. We are a privately owned company specialized in the supply of Succulent, Cactus, Desert Rose and Plumeria seeds to all of Gardening Lover all over the Philippines.


Rooted Retreat by May’s Garden Seed – Our Mission

In order to ensure the good quality seeds, we set up a high standard condition to our cooperation nursery in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Europe, Australia and local nursery in the Philippines and we only use the seeds that is newly harvested. By this way, our seeds are very fresh and with high germination rate and our customer can buy from us with confidence.

Why Choose Us? – High Germination Standards

At May’s Garden Seeds, our germination standards are the most rigorous and strict — not only do we test all our seeds on a regular basis, we are required by Department of Agriculture to procure Phytosanitary Certificate to ensure that they meet or exceed quality standards and we guarantee the purity and vitality of our seeds.