How To Get Desert Roses To Bloom

When Do Desert Rose Bloom?

Desert rose is a tropical country plant, it typically bloom for the whole year in the Philippines. Be patient, desert rose may not bloom for several months, but if the plant is healthy and growing conditions are right, it will eventually produce blooms.


If you recently repotted your desert rose, it may need a period of rebellion while it is adjusting to its new environment. Because, the plant will transfer its energy into growing roots instead of bearing a flower.

Water and Drainage 

Desert Rose is drought tolerant and can live several weeks without irrigation. However it still needs water to produce blooms. Problems arise when the plant is allowed to stand in soggy soil or water. Not only will the plant stop blooming, but poorly drained soil can also easily cause the plant to rot and die. Water the plant regularly during spring and summer, then cut back when the plant is dormant during fall and winter.


Desert rose requires a full sun environment, and lack of the sunlight may be the reason for desert rose not blooming. Place the plant where it receives at least five to six hours of sun per day or a full sunlight is perfect.


Desert rose or Adenium doesn’t need a lot of fertilizer, a regular feeding to ensure the plant receives the nutrients it needs to produce blooms, cause using a balance water soluble fertilizer diluted to half strength

2 thoughts on “How To Get Desert Roses To Bloom

  1. Manuelito Tolibas says:

    I am a beginner and started by ordering desert rose seeds. I had difficulty inmy first try at ordering 10 packets of wo seeds each. I thought my first transaction was not completed so I ordered again 10 packets. Two weeks ago I received my first order and sowed the seeds. Out of 22 seeds including 2 freebies, 5 failed to germinate and its good enough for a beginner like me.
    Two days after I received my first order I received by J & T also my second order of 10 packets with two free packets. I sowed the seeds the following day and to my surprise all of the 24 seeds germinated.
    Now I have 41 ten and twelve day old seedlings. I planned to plant the seedlings in separate pots anyday now. Please advise if the potting mix had to stay dry or moist and for how long. Thank you and when are your cactus seeds available? I would like tobuy some.

    • admin says:


      Well done!! You have done a really good job of germinating the seeds. Usually, you need to keep the soil moist until the seedlings have more than 6 leaves, and you need to provide sunlight for 4 hours in the morning. After the seedlings have more than 6 leaves, you can provide a full sun environment and less water.

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