Plumeria/Frangipani/Kalachuchi Color

Disclaimer: Please be guided that all of our varieties are not grafted, it was hybrid from different color of flowers.

We homegrown our desert rose and plumeria and ensure that our seeds are fresh since we harvest every month and well kept from our nursery farm.

Please be guided that we use hand pollinate, so it has low possibility (20%-30%) to grow into pink plumeria. Most of them have characters of their parents which means that the flowers will bloom as pictured on our website.

We have our own nursery in Taiwan and we have been in the business for more than 20 years.

The red, white and white with red border plumeria are more stable.

Although seed is not guaranteed to look exactly like the parent plant, some will look exactly like the parent, while others may have only certain characteristics in common with the parent, you have to remember that we are planting a living and breathing piece of seed. This is how new varieties are created. It needs time and luck to produce the new kinds which are better than their parents.

  1. Pink Seeds: 75-85%
  2. White Seeds: 75-85%
  3. Red Seeds: 75-85%
  4. Stripe Lined Seeds: 60-70%
  5. Dark Purple Seeds: 5-10%
  6. Light Purple Seeds: 20-30%
  7. Peach Seeds: 60-70%
  8. Red Lining with Five Petals Seeds: 10-20%
  9. Yellow Seeds: 10-20%
  10. White with red curving Seeds: 75-85%
  11. Double and Triple Petals: 25-35%

Germination Standards:

At May’s Garden Seeds, our germination standards are the most rigorous and strict — not only do we test all our seeds on a regular basis, we are required by Department of Agriculture to procure Phytosanitary Certificate to ensure that they meet or exceed quality standards and we guarantee the purity and vitality of our seeds.

Please refer to our Official Website Frequently Asked Questions and our Shopee and Lazada Store Image Gallery for each variety.

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